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Storytellers: In other words

Storytellers tell the stories hidden in each and every melody played by them. The new album, titled „In other words”, consists of ten original, instrumental compositions of diverse genres, arranged for acoustic guitar duo. The musical pieces are complemented by various sources of rhythm - cajon, stompbox and beatbox delivered by Bartosz „Szatek” Szatkowski. This selection of instruments, combined with fresh view on composition and organic approach to recording, resulted in unique longplay with natural sound, which enables the listener to feel as while experiencing Storytellers music live. The album will be available on 21.09.2017. Pre-order now.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Mazurkiewicz, RATstudios, Toruń 2017

Produced by Adam Mazurkiewicz and Przemysław Iwo Gronkowski

Patronage: Gitarowa OFFensywa, Magazyn Gitarzysta, RATstudios, Skiba-foto, TopGuitar

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1. Illusions (3:24)

2. Dobrze Cię widzieć (4:01)

3. Kantirland (3:32)

4. Dose of melody (revisited) (4:31)

5. Odo Jamomento* (2:11)

6. Blue Button Blues (3:23)

7. Interior (5:16)

8. 21* (3:41)

9. Heart (inspired by Led Zeppelin)* (4:13)

10. In other words (5:08)

*feat. Szatek


Storytellers: EP


1. Anastasia (S. Hudson/M.Kennedy)
2. Let her talk
3. Windy Story*
4. Dose of melody
5. Bachtellers
6. Fable

*feat. pARTyzant

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